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MentorRanks Boot Camp, workshop of mentoring for startups based on Silicon Valley’s best practices, seeks to accelerate the understanding of executives, business people and entrepreneurs in how to apply their expertise, experience, and relationships within a context of acceleration, using agile development tools, with a focus on the mentorees’ pursuit of market and/or investments.


The pedagogical approach and content of MentorRanks Boot Camp are the results of a work that involved’s certification  issued by the International Business Innovation – InBIA, and a collective action of representatives from some of the main institutions that are references of entrepreneurship and innovation in the North-American ecosystem: Northeastern University, University of California at Berkeley, TiE Silicon Valley, Sand Hill Angels, TiE Angels, SeedInvest and InBIA.




Do you know the best mentor for your startup?

What kind of mentor do you want the startup you invested to have?

What do you do to prepare to be a mentor that makes a difference?


MentorRanks Boot Camp helps answer these questions and prepare mentors, entrepreneurs, and investors for a winning journey by applying unique content based on international and Silicon Valley’s best practices.


MentorRanks Boot Camp is the result of a curating work of Silicon Valley best practices, led by, with the participation of collaborators from the Universities of Berkeley and Northeastern, with some of the members of the angel investor groups in the Valley, such as Sand Hill Angels, TiE Angels, and Keiretsu Forum. With an objective orientation towards results, the workshop is divided into 3 modules, in an 8-hour journey, with a specific focus on principles, conduct, postures and expectations, knowledge in the application of agile business development methodologies that are part of the business acceleration process, and on how to prepare for investment opportunities and conversation with investors.

Principles, Conduct, Postures, and Expectations

How to be effective in mentoring entrepreneurs and impact their projects and startups from an alignment of values, positions, expectations, and goals.

Acceleration Program and Agile Methodologies

Learn how an acceleration program works and discover how the agile methodologies for fast growth works, as well as the Customer Development Model, Lean Canvas, Business Model Generation, and GrowthWheel®. Learn how to apply these methodologies to improve and accelerate performance and achieve results.

Investors Talks

Validate the indicators and metrics used for the different stages of traction and market penetration, and understand in details the investment process in its different stages and modalities. Know the level of expectation of preparation by the investors. How to prepare the entrepreneur for dialogue with investors and ensure access to funds for growth.

Participants who complete the full 8-hour course along with the drill practices presented during the curriculum will receive a Certificate of Completion of International Mentoring Best Practices for Startups.

Each participant will receive

  • Content based on Silicon Valley best practices
  • Content on how to apply the canvas and translate the result into an action plan
  • Access to a platform for traction and targets validation
  • Simulations that Silicon Valley investors apply to evaluate opportunities
  • Access to a global mentoring platform
  • Access to an international platform of management and performance
  • Certificate of Participation


  • Mentors who wish to internalize global practices and increase their visibility and recruitment potential
  • Investors who wish to apply their experience in the form of startup mentoring in which they are invested
  • Entrepreneurs looking for the best mentors available for their acceleration and potential to access markets and investments
  • Executives of companies with a great knowledge of markets, who seek to apply their available time to help entrepreneurs initiating their journeys
  • Innovation agents who need to recruit good mentors for their support and incentive programs from the entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Government representatives that want to learn the parameters and metrics that can improve the performance of ecosystems from their respective regions


Be part of a select mentoring group

Be one of the mentors recognized for content differentiation and training based on international best practices with Silicon Valley as a benchmark.

Adopt a Startup

Help the entrepreneur understand the challenges of getting the right moment to seek investment, and exercise your give-back mindset.

Connect with digital transformation

Use some quality time understanding how disruptive technologies generate new value propositions, new approaches, and new technologies.

Aggregate value

Understand the value-adding points of a mentor to a startup – market experience, specific competency, a network of contacts, product marketing, strategic advice and investor connection.

Learn how an Acceleration Program works

Learn how to apply Business Model Canvas and Scrum agile methodologies to validate and accelerate a company’s “product fit” (Market fit) and business model.

Validate metrics

Internalize the main indicators adopted (CAC, LTV) to measure evolution and traction of the startup value proposition.

Share your validation view of Potential Market

Show the entrepreneur how imperative it is to have reliable data to determine the size of the addressable market by applying a “reverse engineering” approach.

Discover the path of differentiation

Share your knowledge and experience with the entrepreneur to understand the value of benchmarking the competition by comparing competitive product differentiators and go-to-market strategy.

Building an Investment Portfolio

Assemble a portfolio of startups. Learn how to manage a portfolio by diminishing losses, valuing growth opportunities and exit strategies.

Stay Ahead

Take advantage to surf the wave of innovation and keep up to date with the new trends and disruptions that are changing the rules of the market and shifting wealth.

Access to management and monitoring platforms:


  • Adopt a methodology to align the action plan with the strategic objectives – GrowthWheel Platform
  • Integrate a knowledge-base based on business acceleration best practices – GrowthWheel Platform
  • Apply a decision-making framework to prioritize action plan activities – Growthwheel Platform
  • Monitor achievement of priority activities and evaluate the performance of action plans – GrowthWheel Platform
  • Monitor Your Effectiveness in the Mentoring Process – MentorRanks Platform
  • Connect with other mentors who share the pursuit of excellence – MentorRanks Platform
  • Connect with investors and international investor angel groups – MentorRanks Platform
  • Access relevant content relevant to the upgrade process – GrowthWheel & MentorRanks Platform
  • Be recognized as a highly-regarded mentor, trained on the basis of international best practices – MentorRanks Platform
  • Become a Required Mentor – MentorRanks Platform