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With environments in constant change, organizations need to structure themselves as organizations based on “lifelong learning”, that is, focused on continuous learning as a way to adapt to the constant changes and alterations of the ecosystems in which they operate.

To meet this new market demand and help our customers, OBr.global has reorganized its content, adopting a sequential approach that translates into value for the customer and is easily available. Customers can now search the OBr Academy for the necessary learning geared to their interests.

OBr.global remains focused on providing rapid learning through practice, just like in military training: simulations very close to the reality of the front line. The more familiar the soldier (entrepreneur or angel investor) is with reality, the greater their chances of reaching their goals.

OBr Academy‘s programs are calibrated to offer participants a better personal preparation through a series of experiences and simulations of the best practices and business postures adopted in Silicon Valley, where the greatest expression of competitiveness is experienced and effectively prepares executives and their companies for high-performance competition. These simulations help to apply the main business practices and enable business success. They are organized into categories: Series, Bootcamps, Certifications, and Immersions, such as the Silicon Valley Immersion. See below:

Series: offer a journey to accelerate practical knowledge of the main topic and last around 3 to 5 weeks, with activities twice a week directly with Silicon Valley instructors.

  ― Angel Success Series is aimed at investors who want to seek more return on their investments.

   Capital Access Success Series™ prepares entrepreneurs and business leaders for attracting investments
directly with angel investors from Silicon Valley.


MVP2Funding™:  is a special Bootcamp track that prepares entrepreneurs for attracting investments. Bootcamps of 8 hours bring, in a concise way, the main components that need to be part of an action plan to be executed immediately. It is based on military training practice that replicates the reality of the front line in the experience. The Bootcamps focus on entrepreneurs looking for investments, angel investors who want to improve their investment performance, and mentors who want to be more effective in their advice.


Certifications: aim to check proficiency in acceleration methodologies and allow users to offer more solid bases for applying methodologies through the use of platforms.


Immersions: 3-5 day customized immersion programs on specific markets, such as Silicon Valley, Texas hub, Canada, etc. They aim at entrepreneurs, executives, business leaders, investors, and academics seeking knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness, and internationalization.

See the OBr Academy submenu for more details on each Series, Bootcamp, Certification, or Immersion.