GrowthWheel Certification

GROWTHWHEEL® Certification

GrowthWheel® is a graphical toolbox and online platform used by business consultants, accelerators and entrepreneurship managers to help companies make decisions and set a course of action.


The platform helps startups and mature companies build their businesses through simple decision-making and action-driven process – and one that stays true to the way most entrepreneurs think and work.


For the advisor, the absolute flexibility of the toolbox means that it can be fully adapted to existing consulting tools and customer needs, and can even be used by customers themselves, saving everyone’s time.


Please visit our agenda for the upcoming Certification and registration.

GrowthWheel® is built upon the observation that every business – across every industry and stage of maturity – has four enduring challenges in common: creating a compelling Business Concept, building a strong Organization behind it, developing Customer Relations, and do so while maintaining lucrative Operations.


GrowthWheel® splits the 4 challenges into 20 focus areas. This provides a 360° view of business decisions and maps out the areas your customer needs to focus on.


The framework is used to initiate structured conversations about business, helps the entrepreneur identify business opportunities and challenges using the platform’s simple and agile framework, and identifies the key business focus areas of the clients. Our “growth wheel” serves as a checklist of priority decisions and actions for the steps to take.



Each participant will know:


  • Maturity Diagnosis – 360 ° Business Vision
  • Business Toolbox – Canvas Toolbox for Decision Making and Activity Definition
  • Frameworks – A set of GrowthWheel® structures to be used as cartographic maps. In a single view, one can gauge the status quo and future short-term vision.
  • Scoreboard – A scoreboard helps clients rank goals and track results. You can list clients’ goals and rank them in terms of their desired focus.
  • 100 Business Flowcharts Library – Library with over 100 flowcharts from a variety of business topics to assist in defining decisions and actions to take.
  • Acceleration Plan – Creation of automated detailed go-to-market plan.
  • CRM – The software integrates into many ways with existing CRM systems, with the ability to share data and work with your mentors.
  • Analytical insight – Automated customer progress documentation with analysis, graphing and reporting capabilities.
  • Articles – GrowthWheel® articles are the basic recipes that contain the ingredients and processes that others have used before starting and developing a business.


  • Accelerator Managers
  • Startup Acceleration Program Managers
  • Incubator Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Mentors
  • Business Consultants
  • Public Acceleration Program Managers

Robert Janssen, an American citizen partially raised in Brazil, serves as mentor, professional coach and investor for technology companies and startups. He works in a consultative manner assisting companies in their business development challenges, refining their value propositions, presenting opportunities for their relationship network, and recruiting strategic partners and investors.


He leads, an international business accelerator that operates globally with an emphasis on English-speaking markets, and operations in Silicon Valley and San Antonio, TX in the United States, and Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba in Brazil developing the international competitiveness for startups and technology-based companies that offer global solutions, helping them acquire the maturity needed to capture new markets and raise investments for their successful business development.


Due to his long experience in strategic planning and experience in international business, he is one of the main advisors of the Brazilian government for an export incentive program, Brasil IT+, the cradle of creation for business, traction, competitiveness, and readiness indicators, which are part of the book he wrote to help companies understand the basic requirements to attract investment, and export to more than 50 countries. From 2015 to 2017, he was named one of the 50 most influential technology executives in the United States in the midsize business segment by The Channel Company.


Robert is also a member of Silicon Valley’s traditional angel investor group Sand Hill Angels and Anjos do Brasil. He is internationally certified by the InBIA (International Business Innovation Association) for entrepreneurship ecosystem management, as GrowthWheel Advisor & Instructor, and as a Professional Business Coach by Coaching Academy International.


Check the agenda for the upcoming Certification and register: