The speed of change is creating ever-increasing

business-related and competitive demands for IT teams,

requiring companies to look for alternatives that enable

them to pursue business excellence.

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DSG – Digital Solutions Group is a group of companies considered innovative in the application of the SaaS model to improve other companies’ technology operations, supporting them in monitoring the speed of change in the market. The solutions that integrate DSG comes from a strong legacy in the development of business applications. Here are some of these solutions:


e-trust Security

Inputs of People – Cybersecurity – Identity Management


The ultimate Identity Management & Governance Solution. See some of our flagship solutions:

  • Identity Access Management & Governance – On Premise & SaaS
  • Identity & Governance – BPO
  • Managed Security Services
  • Security Intelligence Risk Analysis


Inputs of Data – Operational Intelligence

Our clients are our number one priority, and we will go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with our work.

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Aurus Software

Inputs of Workflow – Workflow Automation

The Aurus Enterprise Service Center is a platform for managing IT services and business processes. Adding advanced features, the platform is highly flexible and configurable, allowing you to easily set up activities, workflows and processes, among other features.


The Aurus platform has been implemented in companies’ IT, Service Management, HR, Marketing, Legal, among other departments, and Consulting and Outsourcing companies with immediate return of investment.


Automated Backup & Monitoring

Konics Monitoring counts with unique management system that integrates process and failproof workflow, ensuring that all incidents will be treated from beginning to end. Offering:

  • Predefined workflow
  • Action history
  • Similar incidents view
  • Customized workflow that could change according to the business rules
  • Business Impact overview


Mobile Enterprise – Cloud Based Applications Expert Guidance

Applications and cloud computing enabling the digital transformation.


Web & Apps Development

As digital transformation continues to accelerate, web applications development represents the most effective channel to reach new markets and enhance user experience. Utilizing agile methodology, we develop tailor-made web apps that are solid, scalable and deliver value throughout your enterprise.


Today, companies face many challenges surrounding mobile app development. As users are increasingly turning to mobile devices as their go-to method of accessing information, companies are hard pressed to keep up. With a first-class dev team and deep understanding of developing, deploying and integrating mobile apps, Dexence is poised to be your go-to partner. We know firsthand that the approach for creating apps for mobile devices is different from web.




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Client Testimonials


“In times of ever so greater privacy and security breaches, knowing that you have an air-tight solution that safeguards the organization’s critical information is a must. e-trust protects our assets and sets us free to direct other important activities.”


David Fonseca, InBiA


“I didn’t have a clue how important it is to have a system that can safeguard data coherence and origin compliance at the time of input into the ERP systems. The Athus solution simply gave us the certainty that the bottom line information was correct.”


Kris Michaels, Citrusland


“When I needed advice to streamline the organization’s processes, Aurus Software was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”


Reese Mathers, Vancouver Dig

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