Investors Insights Bootcamp


Silicon Valley is recognized as one of the most influential global ecosystems, and it is famous for its diverse culture coupled with a robust venture capital and startup industry. Big companies today, such as Apple, Google, Cisco, and Intel all started with venture capitalist investments. Currently, over 40% of venture capital in the United States is under the management of Silicon Valley companies.


Based on this knowledge and experience, we have developed Investors Insights Bootcamp focused on current and potential future investors. The workshop content is based on some of the Silicon Valley best practices to select and monitor startup investment portfolio. The program will also unveil a new startup investment model, largely applied in the US, which favors the possibility of better return and lower risk, which is starting to be adopted in Brazil.


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The Investors Insights Bootcamp program leverages its facilitator’s expertise and advisory experience from hundreds of companies around the world, preparing them for growth through investment and internationalization. The program will present participants with the Silicon Valley investor mindset and a differentiated model for assessing startup investment opportunities using an approach that is widely applied today. The curriculum also presents critical concepts used for the execution processes, metrics, and performance monitoring of invested startups, along with the key factors of a qualified elevator pitch, and ultimately how results-oriented mentoring should be.


The Investors Insights Bootcamp has a synthetic format, meaning it mainly covers the most important issues an investor should consider when investing in startups and it is focused on presenting a practical and objective approach to monitoring and investing in startups.



Each participant will know:


Pre-Investment Phase:


  • Silicon Valley Ecosystem & Investor Types
  • How Silicon Valley Investors Think, Operate, and Invest
  • Startup Assessment Tools and Methodologies
  • How to Evaluate Startup Pitches
  • Startup Investment Model: Silent Partnership (Partnership in which some partners are passive)


Post Investment Phase:


  • How to Evaluate Mentors, Coaches, and Advisors
  • Market, Customer, Value & Business Model Orientation
  • Building & Managing Relationships with CEO, Board, Shareholders
  • Startup Pitches and Evaluation Models
  • Entrepreneurs looking to win investors for their projects;
  • Traditional investors wishing to invest in startups;
  • Entrepreneurs being driven to Corporate Venture;
  • Executives seeking to diversify their investment portfolio;
  • Startup mentors who need to deepen their knowledge of startup investment stage


Robert Janssen, an American citizen partially raised in Brazil, serves as mentor, professional coach and investor for technology companies and startups. He works in a consultative manner assisting companies in their business development challenges, refining their value propositions, presenting opportunities for their relationship network, and recruiting strategic partners and investors.


He leads, an international business accelerator that operates globally with an emphasis on English-speaking markets, and operations in Silicon Valley and San Antonio, TX in the United States, and Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba in Brazil developing the international competitiveness for startups and technology-based companies that offer global solutions, helping them acquire the maturity needed to capture new markets and raise investments for their successful business development.


Due to his long experience in strategic planning and experience in international business, he is one of the main advisors of the Brazilian government for an export incentive program, Brasil IT+, the cradle of creation for business, traction, competitiveness, and readiness indicators, which are part of the book he wrote to help companies understand the basic requirements to attract investment, and export to more than 50 countries. From 2015 to 2017, he was named one of the 50 most influential technology executives in the United States in the midsize business segment by The Channel Company.


Robert is also a member of Silicon Valley’s traditional angel investor group Sand Hill Angels and Anjos do Brasil. He is internationally certified by the INBIA (International Business Innovation Association) for entrepreneurship ecosystem management, as Growthwheel Advisor & Instructor, and as a Professional Business Coach by Coaching Academy International.

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