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Acelera 90x is‘s first international acceleration program launched in 2015 and conducted exclusively in Silicon Valley for startups with a minimum maturity level, which allows them to be competitive in the local market.


The objective of this innovative program is to mature the experience of entrepreneurship and innovation and to teach the use of powerful tools that help to transform an initial idea into a project, which later serves as a strategic edge for building valuable customer-oriented proposals and adds value to the market. It will also help to show how each of the partners contributes to building the project to reach their objectives.


Businessman and entrepreneurs who believe to have an excellent idea that needs to be transformed into something that the market considers as a valuable and potential opportunity.



At the end of the Acelera 90x programthe participant will have:

A structured approach and experience

A structured approach and experience of how to test an idea and turn it into a viable project.


A methodology to develop an action plan


A set of tools to perform and constantly update the action plan

Motivation Techniques

Techniques to build trust and commitment within the collaborative team

Network in Silicon Valley

A new network of relationships in Silicon Valley


The basic concept of the 3-month acceleration considers 12 weeks, in which the first 6 are preparatory to an action plan and the last 6 are focused on the implementation of the plan in order to accelerate the participants’ internalization of the concepts and techniques presented throughout the acceleration while offering the possibility for generating opportunities.


The action plan is developed from the successful experiences of accelerating Silicon Valley startups seeking access to investors and it is based on the pursuit of corporate innovation for the creation of new values and increase of competitiveness. It also includes the practice of implementing internationalization projects with the support of local instructors and a platform of more than 500 mentors in various modalities.


The methodology will use the reality of the acceleration participants, their projects and companies as a central point for the experience and construction of success stories that will be applied throughout the acceleration.

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