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In 2017, OBr.global launched Go Global Bootcamp, an internationalization workshop to help domestic companies prepare for international competitiveness and quickly conquer new markets.


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Robert Janssen, an American partially raised in Brazil, acts as a mentor and investor for technology companies and startups. He works as a consultant helping companies in their business development challenges, refining their value propositions, presenting opportunities to their networks, and recruiting strategic partners and investors.


He leads OBr.global, which operates globally with an emphasis on Silicon Valley, San Antonio and Austin, TX, and the US East Coast, accelerating and internationalizing technology-based companies and startups. Nowadays, he has a special focus on companies and startups that develop global solutions, helping them in the process of seeking the necessary maturity to conquer new markets and to raise investments for their successful business development.


Due to his long experience in strategic planning and international business, he is one of the main Brazilian government advisors for an export incentive program, Brazil IT +, where he created business, market traction and international competitiveness indicators that became part of the book he published to help Brazilian companies understand the basic requirements for attracting investment and exporting to more than 50 countries. Over the past three years, The Channel Company awarded him as one of the 50 most influential IT executives in the United States in the midsize enterprise segment.



Go Global Bootcamp is an international competitiveness workshop aimed at those who want to find new markets as well as to defend their own territory from foreign entrants. It presents positioning, business strategy, and sales approaches, aiming at adapting to the international market in order to offer solutions and services in foreign markets and leverage more opportunities in the domestic market.


Go Global Bootcamp, in the best military combat training style, offers a program focused on best practices and experiences that effectively prepare the company for international expansion. Both going overseas or competing internally in Brazil.


The program includes a “training camp” (workshop), structured to better prepare companies; improve the understanding of the executives in the application of the main business concepts that make possible the success of their internationalization efforts. Each company will receive an assessment and diagnosis, along with specialized training and a mini scorecard to assist in their process of internalizing the best practices in international business.


And as a bonus, each participant may have the internationalization plan inserted in a worldwide platform, the GrowthWheel®, that helps and accelerates in the decision making and execution of the planned activities.



Below are the main activities and topics covered and products delivered during the Go Global Bootcamp journey:

Maturity Diagnosis – Identify the current level of business maturity using the international scope as a single reference

Diagnosis of International Competitiveness – Identify the current gaps that need to be a priority in the process of preparation for the international journey

Diagnosis of Executive Readiness – Identify the individual gaps that executives and entrepreneurs need to mitigate

Product & Market Fit – Identify value proposition gaps according to the profile of target markets and customers

Presentation Script – How to best communicate the value proposition according to the profile of the target audience and connection objectives: client, partner, or investor

Presentation techniques – Learn the techniques used to engage the interlocutor or public with the purpose of sedimenting the value proposition

Simulations of international prospection real situations – using the event platform, simulating interactions with the goal of connecting with business opportunities

Vendor Briefing – How to strengthen the relationship with market analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and others by using a positioning tool

Business Culture – how to act in different cultures – adopting premises to neutralize cultural differences and remain effective in the negotiations

Internationalization Plan – A plan of activities aimed at accelerating international maturity and competitiveness

  • Entrepreneurs looking for the best acceleration and potential to access other markets and investments
  • Sales Executives with knowledge of markets, who seek to accelerate their global maturity for a competitive performance
  • Marketing Executives who need to understand how to develop communication strategies in more competitive markets
  • Development Agencies that want to learn new parameters and metrics to improve internationalization and competitiveness performance



Maturity Diagnosis

It determines the level of traction and adherence that the company and/or startup has managed to achieve up to the present moment. This scorecard was adapted from the G-Score of the Guidewire Innovation Center, used in Silicon Valley.

Competitiveness Diagnosis

An indicator developed by OBr.global from the internationalization projects developed over the last 20 years, with the objective of highlighting the gaps that need to be worked on by the company to improve its competitiveness in the global context.

Diagnosis of Executive Readiness

Its objective is to map the preparation of the entrepreneurs to act with competitiveness in the international scenario. This diagnosis evaluates the main areas of the project/startup/company on the personal context and the current leverage capacity for traction in the domestic market.

Diagnosis Report

Analysis of the diagnoses resulting from the indicators and gaps pointed out together with a consolidation of a set of recommendations to accelerate the mitigation of these gaps.

Assistance in the construction of a Competitiveness Plan

Assistance in building a customized plan for the project/startup/company to seek greater competitiveness using best international practices.

Assistance in setting priorities for internationalization

Assistance in the identification of priority actions to operate in international markets with success.

The inclusion of the Internationalization Plan on a global platform

Inclusion of the company into GrowthWheel’s maturity and internationalization platform to monitor performance and results.

Access to an “expert” library for growth

Curation of various contents available within the platform: events, lectures, articles written to support the objectives of competitiveness and internationalization.

Construction of a pitch “as Practiced in Silicon Valley”

Roadmap of how to build a pitch with the features used in Silicon Valley focusing on business results and partnerships.



Inserting your project into a global management and acceleration platform adopted by leading accelerators in the United States to generate fast traction.