The Capital Access Success Series™ offers, over 3 weeks, experiences from root practices with angel investors active in the Valley so that entrepreneurs and business leaders are more successful in attracting investments.

The Capital Access Success Series™ is a program for entrepreneurs and business leaders to create resonance with investors based on the practices of Silicon Valley, in order to obtain more success in attracting investments, presented by expert active angel investors from the region. The practices presented by specialists working in Silicon Valley are:


Practice 1 – CEO – Assessing the Fit of the Leader
Practice 2 – Organization and compensation pitfalls
Practice 3 – Assessing team execution readiness
Practice 4 – Finance – Understanding the math of multiples
Practice 5 – Valuation – Myth or Science
Practice 6 – Due Diligence – The Key Factor
Practice 7 – Market entry strategies
Practice 8 – Market FIt & Product Fit
Practice 9 – Business – Understanding the terms
Practice 10 – Market entry plan
Practice 11 – Marketing strategies
Practice 12 – Sales strategies
Practice 13 – Legal aspects
Practice 14 – Intellectual property
Practice 15 – Perfect Pitch – How to read what’s important
Practice 16 – Understanding the exit dynamics



Each participant will learn:


  • How to evaluate your startup to be invested from a pitch
  • How to distinguish the execution capacity of the CEO
  • How to discern the existence of a team capable of executing
  • How to discern potential governance and incentive discrepancies
  • How to identify good management and planning practices
  • How to assess valuation preparation issues and expectations
  • How to analyze the stage of due diligence and its preparation
  • How to identify and validate evidence of market existence
  • How to confirm the existence of product fit and scalability
  • How to unveil the premises adopted in the preparation of a negotiation
  • How to identify a clear direction for activating a go-to-market plan
  • How to assess the impact of the marketing plan
  • How to evaluate the sales plan
  • How to identify the awareness of legal responsibilities
  • How to define the existence of legal protection practices
  • What is the probability that, upon receiving investment in your startup, the investor will recover the capital invested in a multiple acceptable to him
  • Entrepreneurs looking to attract investments
  • Business leaders looking to accelerate corporate innovation in their companies
  • Executives who want to learn what an angel investor seeks when evaluating startups and scaleups

Dave Mosby

CEO of e2i Academy, Director of Capital Access for the European – American Capital Council, Director of Capital Access acceleration programs for early-stage business leaders and new angel investors who participate in EU and corporate-sponsored learning programs, derived from direct Silicon Valley successes.


He was CEO of three profitable, publicly traded, and privately held companies. Specialties: Private Equity (angel) Investment Access; Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Leadership Development, Management Consulting; Public Company & SMB CEO; Board Member.


Craig Martin

Angel Investor, Fund Manager, and Financial Advisor.
Manager of the FWCG Opportunity Fund, he has a history of several decades producing return on capital. A 14-year member of the Keiretsu Forum, the largest group of angel investors in the world, he analyzes dozens of deals per quarter and has more than 30 seed investments made at present.

He is an experienced consultant to other angel investors and entrepreneurs and is an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley.


Robert Janssen,

Robert leads the international accelerator that operates globally with an emphasis on English-speaking markets, and operations in Silicon Valley and San Antonio in the United States, as well as in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, Brazil. An American of origin and partially raised in Brazil, he is a member of Sand Hill Angels, the traditional group of angel investors from Silicon Valley, and Anjos do Brasil.

He is internationally certified by InBIA (International Business Innovation Association) for managing entrepreneurship ecosystems, certified as GrowthWheel Advisor, and as Professional Business Coach by the International Federation of Coaching.

  • BOB CARSTENS – President Co-Founder at FinancialSoft Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
  • MICHAEL WEISSMAN – CEO of SYNQY | Author | Empowering Retail Marketers San Francisco Bay Area
  • NEIL KRIPALANI – Corporate Attorney, General Counsel for Companies San Francisco Bay Area
  • ROB DELLENBACH – Silicon Valley Venture Lawyer San Francisco Bay Area
  • RUSSELL PETERSEN – Director of Intellectual Property; Digilock San Francisco Bay Area
  • JACK LANCE – co-founder, FinancialSoft, Inc. at FinancialSoft, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area
  • SILVIA A. MEYER – Inspiring achievement in teams with effective sales enablement and GTM strategies, specializing in emerging markets San Francisco Bay Area
  • PAUL TWOMBLY – Vice President of Customer Success, Board Member, Board Advisor and Volunteer Saratoga, California, United States
  • MAX SHAPIRO – CEO of PeopleConnect San Francisco Bay Area
  • ERIC CLARKE – Corporate attorney representing family offices and middle market companies. San Francisco Bay Area
  • ROBERT STEFANSKI – Co-Founder & Managing Director of eLab Ventures San Francisco Bay Area
  • KEITH ZACHOW – Owner, Omega Valuations, Inc. San Francisco Bay Area