Pitch Workshow Bootcamp

Pitch Workshow Bootcamp

The Pitch Workshow adopts an innovative methodology developed from several years of stages, lectures, and pitches, observing how audiences react and it motivates them to seek contact with the themes being presented.


The training unravels the secrets of the pitch: It teaches you how to deal with audiences and investors, and helps to format a presentation that connects with listeners through storytelling building techniques to wrap ideas in a compelling and coherent way.


Storytelling is increasingly being used to build pitches as it is a way of connecting with the cognitive side of people, which in turn offers greater potential for engaging people with ideas and projects presented this way.


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The Pitch Workshow especially assists in preparing for Demo Day journeys, which usually take place at the end of the acceleration programs to present projects to investors. The training helps build the best pitch possible within the value proposition that each project or startup offers, in order to attract investors and partners that can take the startup or project to the next level of traction and market.


Demo Day is the same as the day of the final exam, it needs to demonstrate what has been achieved throughout the journey. You need to be prepared, just as an athlete prepares for any sports competition. And for that, one needs to adopt a method and train…  a lot.


Especially it strengthens those issues that need more work. The best pitch is known to be the result of a combination of conviction in the project with a consistent presentation and an attractive chain of ideas that can make listeners follow and engage, making them want to know more about the startup project.


This workshop teaches you how to apply scripting templates and tools that positively transform your communication style and boost your self-confidence, whether in informal or professional settings. It is designed for anyone who wants to master their presentations and delight audiences through a methodology that has been successfully applied for the past 20 years.


So if you want to prepare your pitch for Demo Day, don’t miss this workshop in order to prepare for investment opportunities and investor conversation.



Each participant will learn how to develop:


  • A 1-minute pitch to engage, entertain and delight, and be used for unexpected opportunities during quick networking activities
  • A concise and objective 3 to 5-minute pitch to use in planned conversation opportunities with investors and potential partners
  • A methodology for building your presentations and dissertations
  • Techniques to build confidence and eliminate nervousness
  • A posture of body language that will provide you with a differential
  • How to turn your speaking skills into a competitive advantage when doing business
  • Certificate of completion
  • Entrepreneurs looking to win investors for their projects
  • Investors who want to apply their mentoring experience to startups in which they are invested
  • Entrepreneurs being driven to Corporate Venture
  • Business Development Executives and Professionals
  • Executives and Marketing Professionals.

Robert Janssen, an American citizen partially raised in Brazil, serves as a mentor, professional coach, and investor for technology companies and startups. He works in a consultative manner assisting companies in their business development challenges, refining their value propositions, presenting opportunities for their relationship network, and recruiting strategic partners and investors.


He leads OBr.global, an international business accelerator that operates globally with an emphasis on English-speaking markets, and operations in Silicon Valley and San Antonio, TX in the United States, and Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba in Brazil developing the international competitiveness for startups and technology-based companies that offer global solutions, helping them acquire the maturity needed to capture new markets and raise investments for their successful business development.


Due to his long experience in strategic planning and experience in international business, he is one of the main advisors of the Brazilian government for an export incentive program, Brasil IT+, the cradle of creation for business, traction, competitiveness, and readiness indicators, which are part of the book he wrote to help companies understand the basic requirements to attract investment, and export to more than 50 countries. From 2015 to 2017, he was named one of the 50 most influential technology executives in the United States in the midsize business segment by The Channel Company.


Robert is also a member of Silicon Valley’s traditional angel investor group Sand Hill Angels and Anjos do Brasil. He is internationally certified by the InBIA (International Business Innovation Association) for entrepreneurship ecosystem management, as Growthwheel Advisor & Instructor, and as a Professional Business Coach by Coaching Academy International.

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