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OBr.global works with the internationalization of medium-sized technology companies, startups and scaleups with a global vocation.


Since 1998, we have helped companies with a focus on technology and innovation to carry out their commercial expansions, expanding their markets and their relationship networks. With an approach developed from the understanding of different business cultures and how they affect the desired result, OBr.global has executed several successful projects. From the adequacy of the value proposition and message to the channel recruitment and market positioning.


Since 2008, we coordinate some of the main projects to stimulate the internationalization of Brazilian technology-based companies. These projects have won international recognition and were replicated by several other governments, such as Romania, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, and Colombia.


OBr.global’s experience has helped the development of its own approach to accelerate internationalization called the “7-Step Journey”. There are 7 steps that companies must carry out successfully that are vital for the consolidation of an international expansion plan:



Awareness > Preparation > Immersion > Acceleration > Traction > Activation > Consolidation


  • Awareness – Lecture on the importance of international competitiveness
  • Preparation – Bootcamps and Series (see OBr Academy)
  • Immersion – 5 days in Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley Immersion
  • Acceleration – Velocity Brasil: 4 months in Texas
  • Traction – Acelera 90x in Silicon Valley
  • Activation – Growth
  • Consolidation – Established business model