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IA2 MCTIC – New Startup Brasil program focused on Artificial Intelligence

With R$ 10 million in resources, the initiative will support Artificial Intelligence projects in Agribusiness, Health, Industry and Smart Cities.



The IA2 MCTI Program, an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology, and Innovations (MCTI) carried out with the support of Softex, has announced a list of 13 groups of institutions accredited to CATI (ICTs) and selected accelerators, among them, together with its partners, ICI – Institute of Smart Cities, iCities, PUC-PR, Hot Milk, Lactec, Assespro-PR, and SoftSul, has placed special emphasis on Smart Cities- and Health-related projects.



The program aims to employ Artificial Intelligence to accelerate technological evolution in four priority areas – Agribusiness, Health, Industry, and Smart Cities – and technological support, while also being responsible for the investment and support in the scalability of the business model of the selected research projects.



The IA2 MCTIC Program aims to select 100 research projects for pre-acceleration and, subsequently, finance up to 30 of them, when we will support selected startups by developing more robust solutions and creating more impactful businesses, enabling access to national and international markets through open innovation.



The IA2 MCTIC offers total investments of up to R$ 500,000.00 within a seed acceleration ratio, between the program and the accelerator, which should share the contributions in the selected startups.


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