Pedro Mendes

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Pedro Mendes

I have been developing as a hobby for a few years, I have been in contact with codes since 2014 and this gave me the foundation I needed to be able to focus and pursue a career in the development area. So I have done it, combining with my other skills acquired throughout my professional life, I want to create spectacular, optimized, and safe digital experiences.


As an IT and innovation consultant at Innovation In We, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the business and managed to further improve my negotiation and relationship soft skills.

I work directly thinking about strategies for technological implementations, innovations, and communication for companies and this makes me versatile and prepared for the challenge.


As Product Owner at Campos City Hall, I was able to put the agile methodology into practice and delivered several innovations to the public sector, highlighting some actions such as the control and statistics system for healthy and active aging, in addition to the partnership with the Dutch company Spectator in which I got a public-private partnership that was totally free of charge for the public coffers and we started implementing the health call center system for the elderly.