Patrick Kedziora

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Patrick Kedziora

I am deeply passionate about building businesses that have a huge impact on the world and connecting with clients, partners, investors, and employees and infusing them with my passion. If you do that, the revenues and profits will follow.


I am an entrepreneur, founder, and part of the founding team of five companies. Currently, I am building an agricultural robotics company and enjoy sharing my experiences by teaching and mentoring other startups. I am also a board member.


Amongst my achievements, I have won highly coveted spots in Startup Chile, Startup Brazil, and French TechTicket.


Additionally, I have been the CFO and COO of public and private companies. I have done deals – both small and large – from a few million to a few billion. With former clients like KKR (the leading private equity firm) and T. Boone Pickens (a major Texas oilman and investor), I’ve been to the front lines and back.


Whether doing business in the U.S. or internationally, I’m equally at ease in the boardroom as I am on the shop floor. And, I’m bilingual and bicultural – both American and French – but consider myself a New Yorker at heart.


I received my M.B.A. in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University and a double B.A. in both Economics and Political Science from New York University.


I’m also a member of the European Business Angels Network [EBAN] and a board member of the Sophia Business Angels and the former High Commissioner for France for the World Business Angels Investment Forum [WBAF]. And, I regularly speak and judge at entrepreneurship and investor events in Europe, Russia and the MENA region.


I believe that “You’re not global if you’re not mobile”™, “Robots are eating the world”™ and that you must “Think big or go home!”™


My superpower is “Gets stuff done.”




  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Project management
  • Operations

  • Business Development
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Fundraising


  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Development
  • Commercialization of Technology
  • Pipeline Building
  • Entrepreneurship Education


  • eCommerce – B2C
  • EdTech – Platforms and Content
  • Robotics – Agriculture and Food Processing