The “Coronami” and the reboot of humanity

The “Coronami” and the reboot of humanity

There are already many views of what the future may look like after mankind goes through the current challenging “coronavirus” times. Everyone is undoubtedly wondering what the post-corona era reserves for humanity. Although there are many possible and many ongoing discussions, there are few perspectives that help us weigh in on what could be some of the outcomes.

I refer to the COVID-19 as the “coronami” because of the immediate devastating impact it causes, just like a tsunami. In general, a tsunami first creates a lot of devastation; after it produces immense grief due to the loss of lives and properties; and finally, after pain begins to subside, the rebuild mindset kicks in. I envision the current coronavirus the same way: creating a lot of immediate disruption and tears, but also offering humanity a chance for a new rebuild, which will take into account the recently learned collective and collaborative values.

The last time we had a worldwide event with all countries being affected at the same time was during World War II, but the world was much different and not so connected. Fast forward to today, there is another worldwide event taking place, also disruptive but silent: the digital transformation. Individuals, companies, organizations, and society are becoming more digitally-structured and connected with technology trends such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence and AR/VR becoming the disruptive forces, creating an even more digital reality.

The massive digitization of organizations and governments is creating the mandatory view of a digital-based society. In many of our presentations in the past years, we have made the case for a more data-driven society, to the point of claiming that the DOD acronym no longer means Department of Defense, it now means Digital or Die, and I have taken it a step further, and made the claim for a new DDOD mindset: Data-Driven or Die!

The greatest impact by the “coronami” will be the acceleration of the digitization of our society, which in turn will accelerate the disruption, triggering ripple effects that will mold the society ahead of us. Some of these ripples are fundamental and will now be part of the new post-COVID world. I coined it the “D3 ripples effect,” explained below.

The first D is the Dematerialization of our interactions. We are experiencing it right now with the huge spike of virtual conferencing taking place over several different platforms. Everyone will be learning how we can build empathy while still interacting remotely. We will be able to create emotional connections too over a virtual conversation.

The second D is the Demonetization of our relations. As we all move our relationships online and accelerate the exchange of content and knowledge as the result of the COVID-driven online spike, several now online based products and services will be easily available at minimal or no cost. Organizations and people in a “more digital world than ever” will need to find new ways to monetize, aggregating new values and experiences that are unique and exclusive.

The third and final D is the Democratization of our power of influence. COVID has empowered individuals through collaboration and solidarity and have democratized the power of the sum of all. The possibility to create, access and harness digital connections around thoughts, beliefs and activities is speeding up the democratization of collective active voices.

The “D3 ripple effect” compounded has the possibility of helping mankind reevaluate its core values and assign a stronger footing on the pillars of collectiveness and collaboration. In the end, the “coronami,” one of the major episodes in the last 75 years, will be remembered as a worldwide event that helped us fast-track the reboot of humanity to become more humane, even if are our presence now is more virtual.


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